What Teochew Know

WhatTCSay3 is here!

What Teochew Say Version 3 is here! Available for iOS and Android, our new features include a snazzy new design, 1600 brand new entries (total 6500+), supplemental entry information such as dialect, origin, and part of speech, and some tweaks to the Gaginang Pengim (romanization system). Our biggest feature is the additional language support for French! We hope you enjoy using the app to learn Teochew!

We could not have completed this project without the help of a number of key individuals. Huge thank you for their contributions to bring this app to life!

We will continue to improve on this latest version. Our expanding team has redesign the app to allow for additional languages, so if you are interested in helping to add support for a new language, please get in touch. If you find any issues or have other ideas for how we can improve the app, please submit corrections or new entries, ask questions, or for collaboration opportunities, contact us at

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