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WhatTCSay2 Android Release


We’re proud to announce that What Teochew Say 2 is now available on Android! It’s published under a new app name “WhatTCSay2“, since we’re using an entirely new tech stack and thought this would be less intrusive way of slowly sunsetting the previous app. You may need to explicitly search for “WhatTCSay2” in the Google Play Store or use the link on the right nav.

The IOS app will be release at a later time. TBD at the moment.

What’s new?

  • Multiple sound files per English entry
  • Searchability in Chinese characters, pengim, as well as English
  • Roughly 25% more entries and soundfiles
  • New, reorganized, and expanded topics and subtopics including: Computer, Internet, Ailments, Disease, and much more.

A Work in Progress – Help Us!

This release represents our continued efforts to keep promoting Teochew language. Since making the app free of cost and open sourcing the code, we have heard from many people who have interesting in supporting us. The app is a work in progress (for one, you’ll notice our simple graphics in this version). We welcome any one else who would like to help in continuing to improve the app in any way that you have ideas for (Send us a message through this Facebook group)


Thank you to everyone who had a part in helping us to develop and release this second version of the app. This includes the original What Teochew Say Kickstarter backers (you know who you are!), those who continue to use our app, those who help to share the app with others, as well as our friends and family.

Additionally, we wanted to give special thanks to the following people for the critical task of helping to review and add new content to What Teochew Say 2.

Kheng Nguang Lee
Wat Lim
Lily Lai

Thank you everyone, from Khiem and Ty!

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