What Teochew Know

We’re making the app free!

Back in 2012 when 115 backers on Kickstarter pledged $4,832 (161% of our original goal), we were floored. Since then, thousands of you have supported us by buying and using the app as well as spreading the word to your friends and family. Joisia for your support all these years.

Around February 8, 2016, the Chinese New Year, What Teochew Say will be made free on both iTunes and Google Play.

Why free?

One of our goals for the year is to open source the code for the app. For now, the open-source effort targets only Android and iOS code, not the content itself. Making the app code open source will allow us to work with other designers and developers interested improving the app. We’re also open to collaboration on updating the app’s content. Shoot us an email at if either of those interests you.

Making the app free will also reduce our tax liability, reducing financial hassles and giving us more time to support the app. In the four years since What Teochew Say was launched, our team (Khiem Lam and Ty Lim) have worked our best to keep the app updated and to respond to any issues and queries, both technical and Teochew language-related. Unfortunately we can not provide refunds for those who have already purchased the app. However, your support over the years has helped us to accumulate enough operating funds so that we can cover our regular operating costs and make the app free for everyone.

We want the Teochew language community to continue to thrive and we think that making the app free and opening the source code will forward this cause.

Thank you supporters!
Ty Lim, Khiem Lam
What Teochew Say Founders

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